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The Fit@work wellness programme is the result of years of research to develop a comprehensive yet cost-effective HIV/AIDS workplace management solution that can be tailored to accommodate each organisation's specific needs.

The product fundamentally aims to ensure that HIV positive employees remain in active employment through proper health management and implement effective strategies to prevent new infections. Developed specifically for the workplace, Fit@work wellness programme is ideally suited to medium to larger sized companies.


Employers are increasingly recognizing their important role in providing death and disability cover for their employees, whether through company retirement schemes or group policies issued to the employer. Metropolitan Life's Group Life and Disability Funder is a straightforward & inexpensive solution for providing insurance benefits to the workforce.
Metropolitan Life's Group Life and Disability Funder provides:

  • Group Life cover on the lives of employees;
  • If selected, Lump Sum Disability cover payable if the employee becomes permanently and totally disabled. This benefit can be an accelerated benefit to the death cover or it can be taken as a standalone benefit, i.e. Group Life cover is not compulsory;
  • If selected, supplementary benefit such as Critical Illness cover payable if a member is diagnosed as suffering from any of the listed critical illnesses;
  • If selected, supplementary benefit such as Accident Cover payable (in addition to the Death benefit cover) if death was caused as a direct result of an accident.


Funeral expenses require speedy financial solutions that conventional insurance products do not provide. The Group Funeral Funder provides a solution to both employer and employee which is a straightforward & inexpensive solution that pays out quickly at a time of need.

Membership is compulsory for all employees and the employer decides the level of cover and who will be covered under the plan from member only to member with dependants, parents and even extended family.


Credit Life insurance is an inexpensive form of insurance, set up for a lending institution that provides clients with finance or credit. It provides a cost effective way to ensure that outstanding debt is settled should a client (the life insured) die or become permanently or temporary disabled during the period that he/she accessed the credit or loan facilities from the institution.

Metropolitan Life provides Life cover, Permanent Disability cover as well as Temporary and Total Disability cover for the following forms of outstanding debt: Mortgage loans, Personal loans, Instalment Finance, Overdraft facilities and Credit Card facilities.



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