Wealth Maximiser Investment Solution


The Wealth Maximiser investment solution is an endowment policy offering you an opportunity to grow your money over time, while preserving a portion of your money with a guaranteed minimum maturity value.

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How long do I want to save for?

The time period that you choose to save for is called a term. Wealth Maximiser is a five-year term investment, with the option to extend your term for another five years.

How much should I save?

You can invest a minimum single contribution of R100 000 or more.

Where is my money invested?

Your money will be invested in the Metropolitan Smooth Bonus Fund. With a smooth bonus fund you benefit from steady investment growth with stable, long term returns.

What are the benefits and features?

Reward for reinvesting
You get an additional bonus of 0.5% of the investment for each year that you reinvest with Metropolitan after the initial 5-year term ends.

Guaranteed maturity value
You are guaranteed a minimum maturity value.

Maturity bonus
You will receive a maturity bonus at the end of the investment term, if you invest R1 million or more.

If you pass away before the term ends, your beneficiaries will receive the total of the investment fund less any commission charged to the policy.

What are the rules?

Entry age
Men younger than 75 years old and women younger than 77 years old.

You are allowed to withdraw a portion of your investment as long as at least R100 000 remains in the fund after withdrawal

You may also be granted a loan of up to 80% of the surrender value as long as R100 000 remains in the fund after the loan. A full surrender is also allowed. You may pay a fee to process the loan request.

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