FutureChoice Occupational Disability Cover


Cover for when you can no longer work due to disability

Not many people think about the emotional and financial hardships they or their families will go through should they become disabled. You might need ongoing healthcare, therapy and might have to make other necessary lifestyle changes. If you are confined to a wheelchair, you might need to adapt your home and your car.

Metropolitan FutureChoice Occupational Disability Cover will payout a single amount if you are unable to perform your own or a reasonably-suited occupation.

You can customise your disability cover by either taking a separate policy or adding it as an accelerated benefit to your Metropolitan FutureChoice Life Cover policy or Metropolitan FutureChoice Critical Illness Cover policy.

The disability cover starts from R150 000 for a standalone disability cover policy and 20% of the cover when you add it as an accelerator benefit to a life cover or critical illness policy. The maximum disability cover available is R4 000 000.

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Who can take out the policy?

You can take out a FutureChoice Occupational Disability Cover for yourself or you can make the payments on your loved one’s disability cover policy.

How much will it cost?

The monthly payment for the FutureChoice Occupational Disability Cover starts from R100. The actual payment depends on your individual circumstances.

What are the benefits and features?

Benefits included?

If you experience financial difficulty, the Flexi-premium benefit allows you to decrease your cover that in turn reduces your payment to a more affordable level. When you are in a better financial position, you can increase your disability cover and payments again. If this is done within six months, only a declaration of health is needed to increase the cover again.

Optional benefits

Free January benefit
Allows you to skip your January payment and make up for it by paying slightly higher monthly payments during the rest of the year.

Premium waiver on disability
Will pay your monthly payments, for the rest of the premium waiver benefit term, if you become disabled.

Premium waiver on retrenchment
Will pay your payments for 12 months in the event that you are retrenched.

Premium waiver on death
Will pay your monthly payments if the premium payer passes away. The premium waiver on death is only available if you (the life insured) are not the premium payer.

CashBack benefit
Will give you a cash payout every five years, if your policy is still active and all monthly payments have been made.

Escalation option
Allows you to increase your benefit and premium amount to keep up with inflation (the rising costs of living).

Monthly Support Payout benefit
Allows your beneficiaries to spread the payouts. Instead of a once-off payout, they may receive a monthly payout for up to 60 months.

What are the rules?

Entry age
Anyone between the age of 15 and 60 years old can apply for disability cover.

Term benefit
The minimum term is five years.

Cooling off period
You have the right to cancel the disability cover within 30 days of receipt of the policy summary. You will receive a refund of any payments you made less the cost of any cover enjoyed before you cancelled the policy.

Waiting period
A six month waiting period applies to the disability cover. This means that a claim will only be considered after six months from the start of the policy.

The disability cover policy can be ceded and used as security for a loan.

Underwriting requirements
An AIDS test is required. Metropolitan may require further medical tests depending on your circumstances. A medical and lifestyle questionnaire also needs to be completed.

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