FutureBuilder Comprehensive Family Funeral Plan


Provide your loved ones with a dignified funeral

The Comprehensive Plan will provide:
  • Funeral cover up to R50 000
  • Cover for yourself, your immediate family, parents and extended family members
  • Access to cover without medical examinations
  • Cover for your family and no need to pay further premiums after your death or retirement.
  • Cash back in your pocket after 12 months
  • Accidental death cover for all immediate family members
  • Family Assistance benefit
  • A quick pay out on receipt of all the required claim documents
At an extra cost you can add these optional benefits to improve your funeral plan:
  • Tombstone benefit, iNkomo benefit, Shopping benefit and Survival benefit
  • Automatic Inflation Management benefit

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Who can I cover?

You may choose to cover:
  • Yourself, the policy owner
  • Yourself and one life partner
  • Yourself and unlimited children
  • Yourself, one life partner and unlimited children
  • Parents and parents-in-law (up to four)
  • Extended family (up to nine)
  • Or you can choose a combination of the above on one funeral policy.

How much will it cost?

The premium for your Comprehensive family funeral cover will depend on the cover level selected, the number of people covered on your funeral policy and their ages (they must be younger than 85 years).

What are the benefits and features?

Benefits included

Accidental Death benefit:
If you or one of your family members between the ages of 14 and 65 years old, who is covered on your immediate family plan, dies in an accident, Metropolitan will pay an additional amount equal to, but not more than, the total of the Funeral, Tombstone and iNkomo cover you selected - up to a maximum of R30 000.

Paid-up benefit:
No more premiums are due after the policy owner passes away or reaches 65 years old. All the family members originally covered will continue to enjoy cover.

CashBack benefit:
If you pay all 12 of your funeral insurance premiums on time and do not claim in the first year, we will reward you by paying two premiums back to you. If you continue to pay all your monthly premiums on time and you don’t claim, we will reward you with a CashBack bonus every three years. The CashBack will be equal to six premiums. This way, you will receive money from the funeral policy even if you don’t claim, as long as you pay all of your premiums on time.

Family Assistance benefit:
This benefit gives all insured lives on this policy access to the following services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.
  • Help to move the deceased’s body to a funeral home closest to the place of burial.
  • Help with funeral and cremation arrangements.
  • A helpline manned by qualified attorneys to assist with legal matters.
  • A medical emergency services to assist injured people to reach the most suitable care facility in the shortest possible time.
  • A trauma, assault and HIV protection helpline for information and treatment assistance.

Optional benefits

You can choose to add these optional benefits to improve your funeral policy.

Funeral benefit:
An amount is paid to help cover funeral expenses when someone covered by the funeral policy passes away.

Tombstone benefit:
An amount is paid towards buying a tombstone to honour the memory of your loved ones covered by the Tombstone benefit. You can choose when Metropolitan should pay the single amount:
  • Immediately when the claim is approved.
  • Within 18 months of you making the claim.

iNkomo benefit: An amount can be paid towards ceremonial requirements such as livestock, for example, a cow, sheep and/or a goat when someone covered by the iNkomo benefit passes away.

Shopping benefit: Should you or your life partner pass away, this benefit will be paid in the form of a shopping voucher which is linked to the beneficiary’s cell phone. The voucher can be used at any Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper store. You can use the voucher to buy food or other essential items for the funeral or to support the family after the breadwinner passes away.

Survival benefit: Provides you with a single amount payable should you live until age 65. This benefit can only be taken if you are younger than 50 and covered under the Funeral benefit. No benefit will be paid if you pass away before you reach age 65.

Automatic Inflation Management benefit: This benefit helps to protect your cover against rising costs (inflation). You can choose to increase your funeral policy premium and your cover level every year by a certain percentage.

What are the rules?

Funeral policy start date Your cover starts from the first day of the month in which Metropolitan receives your first premium.

Waiting period A waiting period is an amount of time in which you do not have funeral cover for death due to natural causes. The waiting period applies even if you pay your premiums.

The following are the minimum waiting periods that can apply on new policies where the cover or premium has been increased:
  • Policy Owner, life partner and children: six months, unless the death is the direct result of an accident.
  • Parents: six months, unless the death is the direct result of an accident.
  • Extended family members: six months, unless the death is the direct result of an accident.
  • Suicide is excluded for the first two years.

Cooling-off period You (policy owner) have the right to cancel the funeral plan within 30 days from the day that you receive the policy summary. Metropolitan will cancel the policy if you have not made a claim and we have not paid any benefits. You will be entitled to a refund of all premiums paid less the cost of any cover enjoyed.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. This site provides a summary of the benefits provided. Please refer to the policy document for full terms and conditions, exclusions and waiting periods.


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